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"Now we can reach 
ideal customers,!"

- George's Complete Auto, Cape Coral Delivers 

Programmatic Display Advertising

Automated biding on digital advertising in real time.


Have you noticed when you're online looking for a pair of shoes and then you visit a random website - or check out a news story - an ad pops up for those shoes?

That's Programmatic Display Advertising.


By utilizing a combination of digital tactics you can get the right message to the right person, at the right time, right on their devices.

Digital Tactics

Deliver your message to your potential customers who visit your competitors OR any geographical location you target.

Target customers in a radius around your business OR a specific zip code/area.

We are able to track potential customers after they leave your website. Bring them 
back to your site using this tactic.


Target words and phrases, specific to your products and services, potential customers use when searching.

Refine your audience based on income, gender, purchase habits, travel patterns, interests
 and hundreds of other qualifiers

Customized Dashboard

Our goal is to create brand awareness delivered to your ideal customer by creating more visibility through impressions, which will increase website traffic and drive in-store foot traffic. Our goal is to have a healthy Click Through Rate (above the National average of .08 CTR). The increased foot traffic will be tracked by the conversion zone and measured through your dashboard.

Up until now this has only been available to companies with large advertising budgets, but now it's affordable for local mom & pop businesses. At $12 CPM, Programmatic Display Advertising is incredibly affordable.

Digital Display Packages

We create effective ads & offers to draw ideal customers to your business with 5 custom mobile & desktop advertisements.


The Standard Package of 100k impressions per month with a 24/7 analytics dashboard includes conversion zone tracking.

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